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Stablility always comes first for any video application, and POLYV has realized it with Triple-Triple -- triple backup, triple storage and triple CDN network. We deliver smooth, high-quality video experience for the audience, with high stability and reliability.

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    Triple copy for videos

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    Triple storage for data

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    Triple CDN for streaming


POLYV provides leading-edge solutions for keeping your videos secured -- from Rights Access Management (RAM), watermarking, to our patented PlaySafe? Digital Rights Management (DRM), we help you securely deliver your content with no concern.

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    VRM9.0 Encryption

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    Fragmentation Transcoding

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    Encryption for mobile


POLYV has been cooperating with leading CDN providers around the world, to deliver high quality, “Play on click” experience no matter where you are. You can deploy your video application in just 3 steps, and instantly preview your content at any time.

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    Over 1100 CDN nodes

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    Deploy within 5 minutes

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    7 x 24 technical support

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